If You Flinch, You Lose

I’ve talked about our crested friend before in Extracting Perspective From Bird Banding, but this lat incident takes the cake.

So, I’m processing a Northern Cardinal because I like to learn things for some stupid reason. I finish, and I take photos, etc. All seems to being going well. Of course, because it is a Cardinal, bites me as I’m releasing it.


It leaves the normal mark of shame, and I’m branded unclean.



I go about the rest of my day with a burning sensation on my finger. Wait… what?


Last time I checked the Northern Cardinal wasn’t venomous. Well, it wasn’t that venomous. I was pretty worried I was going to turn into a Cardinal, but luckily that didn’t happen. Let’s just say…

It isn't pretty.

It isn’t pretty.




“Natural” Scenes

Out in the field, you occasionally come across scenes that make you can question reality. These are a few of those scenes.


Aah, the old Grinch head on the island trick! A true classic. A hallmark of American culture. No ladies and gentleman, someone did not crudely cut off the Grinch’s head. No, you can purchase severed Grinch heads, because nothing says Christmas like decapitations.


Wreck Island, ME



I thought alien life was a joke, but now I believe. Yes, that is in fact an extra-terrestrial trapped in a lobster trap.  We’re lucky for that, too.



There’s more coming!



What unfortunate circumstances led up to poor Teddy being impaled on to a tree? Was it something he said? Perhaps we’ll never know.


Sand Hills Natural Area, GA

Sand Hills Natural Area, GA